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When you come to our gym, the only things we expect from you are the willingness to learn and the motivation to challenge yourself each day. We offer Personal and Group Training sessions, during which we provide personal instruction, coaching, programming (exercises, reps, time domains, etc.) and Nutritional Advice (if requested). We are committed to helping every member of our gym reach their goals, and if you commit to bringing your best effort and attitude each day, we can guarantee that you will exceed your fitness goals.

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People Just Like You Making Progress!

  • Connie Vandervelde Avatar

    Connie Vandervelde 11/28/2016
    Michael L. Avatar

    This facility is fantastic. If you want to wink at yourself in a mirror and admire the view, this is not the place for you. If you want to master your body, build strength, lose weight, keep the weight off, improve flexibility, improve cardio, improve any function of fitness... this is the place to change your life.

    Michael L. 4/29/2016
    T J. Avatar

    My entire family works out here and we love it. The staff is awesome. The coaches really motivate you to be your best. We do CrossFit and Yoga, my kids do CrossFit kids and there's a barbell program as well. It's like being part of a big family where everybody knows your name. Hope to see you here soon.

    T J. 4/29/2016
  • Aron Beazley Avatar

    positive review  Awesome gym! Dropped in and had a great workout with a great group of people!

    Aron Beazley 3/24/2019
    Vanessa R. Avatar

    I love Crossfit Max Kane. Crossfit Max Kane stands out because of the quality and enthusiasm of the trainers as well as the welcoming attitude of the members. What makes this place special is that new people feel welcome, safe, and cared for, and longtime members feel like family! There are lots of places to workout and lots of crossfit gyms to choose from, but there aren't many as good as this one! The spirit of Crossfit is embodied in this gym. Enjoy!

    Vanessa R. 4/29/2014
    Abby Frick Avatar

    My favorite gym in Flowery Branch. Everyone is very welcoming and they care about how you progress. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Abby Frick 1/30/2018
  • Richard G. Avatar

    After doing crossfit for a few years, I had to take more than a year off. I found out Max Kane was 4 miles from my new house. I was nervous about getting back to it but decided to go give Max Kane a try. People were very welcoming, coaches were excellent, and class times gave me many choices with my sometimes challenging schedule. Saturday's are always a blast as well!

    Richard G. 4/29/2018
    Bob Ziegenfuss Avatar

    I dropped in at Crossfit Max Kane this morning and this is a great box. I drop in at many boxes while traveling and Max Kane ranks up there with the best. Nice facility, great Coaching and awesome athletes!

    Bob Ziegenfuss 11/18/2015
    Wendy Wilson Clift Avatar

    Love this box and the coaches. Far exceeds other boxes I've joined. Now both my girls are crossfit kids. ❤️❤️ This box bigtime!

    Wendy Wilson Clift 6/20/2015
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