What we believe in.

We believe that there is a huge misconception in the fitness industry that you must out work an extremely constricted and poorly constructed diet. We want a paradigm shift to occur in the way families approach fitness and nutrition in everyday life.

Our History

We are a Special Operations veteran-owned business that has been providing quality coaching to a diverse group of athletes, as well as mentor-ship to young coaches, around the South Eastern United States since our inception in January 2011 on a remote military base in Afghanistan. We were the first CrossFit facility to begin offering Strength and Conditioning programs in the South Hall city of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Our Team Values

  • Provide the best functional training and nutritional instruction in Georgia.
  • Lead people towards an educated fitness lifestyle.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Enjoy the company you have surrounded yourself with and your current success.
  • DU-Better! Always strive for excellence one step at a time.
  • Value your self-worth, time and contributions to others. Always make time for those you care for and yourself.
  • Invest in your knowledge, health, and relationships. The return on investment is limitless success.

What we offer

Confidence. Independence. Support. Success.

  • Confidence: “When you look good, you feel good”, is not the only sense of confidence we can supply you with. How about the confidence to play with your kids as long as they want. Be able to work out in the yard, carry your grocery’s up the stairs, or climb that ladder to change a burnt out light bulb. We want to supply you with the confidence to get through any challenge life may throw your way. Everyone starts somewhere, let your journey begin with us.
  • Independence: Can you go to the gym without your coach? Of course, but why would you? We will give you the knowledge and ability to perform exercise and movements safely and efficient, providing you with the best in movement instruction each and every session. This will grant you the independence to go through life not having to wait on someone to help you perform a basic task, lift a box, or go for a long walk with your dog. We want to grant you a long, active, independent life.
  • Support: We will supply you with a supportive and motivating community of like minded members and coaches. This will guarantee you stay on track and accomplish your goals! If you want to be fit, you must surround yourself with fit people who know what it is like to make this journey. Come join our family!
  • Success: The ultimate prize for us is to give you success. That is the success of your goals no matter how broad or specific. To lose fat, gain muscle, run faster, be stronger, or just outlast your kids on the playground, we are only successful once you have achieved success.