Youth Sports Development Program

  • Play time is the ultimate sport! Our Youth athletes work hard to emulate their Sports team heroes. So why don’t we take the time to train them properly?
  • All athletes need down time. An off season is required to reset not only their mental well being but also to repair and restructure their bodies. 
  • Every season our Youth Athletes put a tremendous amount of stress on their under developed and ever changing bodies.
  • During these important developmental years it is paramount to ensure they learn, refine, and work to prefect basic human functional movements.

In our program your youth athlete will learn the importance of…

  1.  Nutrition- How to fuel for performance and long term health.
  2.  Technique- Proper functional movements to include dead lifts, presses, squats, jumps, etc.
  3.  Strength- The ability to control their body and apply force to an external object.
  4.  Stability and Balance- Keeps the joints, ligaments, and system as a whole safe.
  5.  Power- Applying force in an explosive manner.
  6.  Metabolic Conditioning- Development of all energy systems to ensure the body can move fast and move long distances