Title: Sales and Marketing Manager

1.) Full Name:  Vanessa Rivas; alias: Anna Vanessa Rivas-Pena, Nessa, V, Vaness,

2.) Age:28 but if its going to be posted online I would like to be 26. 26 was a good year!

3.) When did you start using CrossFit as an exercise program? When did I start CrossFit or when did I  start taking CrossFit serious about a year ago. I originally came 3X a week but last year I really started taking it serious. I really wanted to take the next step once I entered the CrossFit Open last year. 14.1 workout was a 10 min amrap of 30 double-unders and 55lbs 15 power snatches. I only did 3 double-under the full 10 min. I felt defeated and physically and mentally exhausted. From that day and on I’ve been serious about CrossFit.

4.) What does CrossFit mean to you? Its being a part of a CrossFit program where your dedicating your time and understanding the value of what the coaches are programming. Understanding the value of getting stronger, long-term health benefits, continuous work.  Its about finding your weakens and attacking them. Its about getting stronger, crushing your weakness. Finding the intensity deep inside and going hard. Maybe you have a different perception of CrossFit but that’s what’s amazing about CrossFit it can mean whatever you want it to be.

5.) What is you favorite thing about CrossFit Max Kane? Regardless of the day or time of the class I know I will receive expert coaching and instruction helping me improve in skill as well as fitness levels. Attention to detail, virtuosity being the goal. Although my form does not reflect virtuosity I am respected a client who is working to achieve my personal goals. Fellow athletes are friendly and supportive. CrossFit Max Kane has something for everyone and for all ages.

6.) What are you favorite CrossFit related activities? I absolutely love our Strength program, I also enjoy our endurance program.

7.) What is your favorite cheat meal? Pepperoni pizza with jalapeños and chicken wings. yumm "</p


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