Title: CrossFit Trainer

Full Name: Patrice Sweet


Age: 23


When did you start using CrossFit as an exercise program? In August 2013


What does CrossFit mean to you? CrossFit means the capability to do anything I want. I’m able to try new sports and face any physical challenge with confidence.


What is your ‘Why’?

I coach CrossFit to pass on the knowledge that I have learned about health and fitness to others.

There is almost no one who walks in our doors either bored with their fitness routine or too intimidated to even start one. Since nutrition and being active are at the cornerstone of living a healthy life (which is what we teach everyday in our classes) I can’t imagine a better place for someone to improve his or her life. It’s my job to pass on the skills and knowledge I have to everyone who comes into our gym.

I coach CrossFit because there is no other program that has (on a wide-scale) shown the results that it has.

Whether you’re looking at improving health markers, gaining abilities in fitness (speed, strength, stamina, etc), or the longevity at which people stick with exercise, it’s the best strength and conditioning program out there.

Lastly, I coach CrossFit because it is fun.

It’s not only fun for me to coach, but it’s fun for our members. The difference I see with our gym and a regular globe-gym is the interactions that people have with each other and the community that is formed. I always hope to provide the best hour of someone’s day. Sometimes it’s in the form of a game, trying out a new movement, or beginning to master a skill. No matter what, people are having fun with fitness and actually sticking with it.


What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Max Kane? The people. The people you take classes with become your best friends, your accountability partners and some of your biggest motivation for showing up.


What are your favorite CrossFit related activities? Running, running and more running. CrossFit has helped me run faster and further than I ever thought I could.


What is your favorite cheat meal? Ice cream. Always ice cream.


Tell us 1 more thing about you. I’m the most competitive person I know. Outside of running, CrossFit is the only time I get to have a competitive outlet. Usually I end up with a slice of humble pie, but I can’t imagine not having it in my life.


What certifications do you currently hold? CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and CPR/AED/First Aid

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