About Us

Max Kane Barbell is a USA Weightlifting sanctioned weightlifting club based in Flowery Branch, Georgia at Max Kane Health & Fitness. Max Kane Barbell provides an experienced coaching staff, teaches athletes the correct techniques of strength and conditioning and prepares lifters for local, national and international championships through training programs and nutritional monitoring.


We meet every Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday afternoons from 4:00-5:30p. and on select Saturday mornings (TBA). 


What We Do

Olympic Weightlifting tests virtually every muscle in an athlete’s body – more than any other sport. The strongest men and women in the world perform these lifts with standardized rules and no equipment to assist.

The Basics

Ty Scott, 2014 Youth National Championships

Weightlifting competition is conducted in eight body weight categories for men, ranging from 55 kg to
109+ kg and seven body weight categories for women, ranging from 45 kg to 75+ kg.  Athletes are able to compete with athletes of their own age, size and gender thanks to the age-related competitions for athletes 13 and under and as old as 85 and above.

The sport of weightlifting consists of two events – the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Each athlete is permitted three “attempts” in each lift. The athlete’s “Total” is comprised of the highest weights successfully lifted by each athlete in each event. The athlete with the highest total is the overall winner of the competition.

Tyler Bell, 2014 Youth National Championships

 The Events

The first event in a Weightlifting Competition is called the Snatch. This lift is done with tremendous power and speed, the bar being lifted from the floor to arms length overhead in one motion, a motion which generally takes less than a second.

The Clean and Jerk is the second lift in a Weightlifting Competition and is done in two continuous motions – the clean, which brings the bar to the shoulders, and the jerk, in which the athlete raises the bar overhead. This lift is the one in which the most weight can be lifted.

The Sport

The type of athletic training that weightlifting entails brings about phenomenal increases in strength and power that are unequaled by any other form of athletic training. The majority of weightlifting champions began with no special level of strength. Lifters are able to transform themselves through their advanced application of progressive resistance exercise and advanced lifting techniques.

Our Coaching Staff

2014 Youth National Championships

Jeremy Warner

Jeremy Warner has over 12 years experience in coaching, training and mentoring physical fitness and combat readiness to a diverse group of people. He is currently a USAW Level 2 National Coach and Level 2 National Referee coaching Youth through Master Athletes at National Championships since 2010, and International since 2022.

Jeremy has completed the USAW Level 1 and 2  Certifications, Glen Pendlay’s Level 1 and 2 Seminars, Mike Burgener’s Coaching  Seminar and served as an Assistant Coach for the USAW Level One Seminars, Tested and Certified as a Level 2 National Referee. He has Coached U17 Team to 3rd Place National Men’s Team, U13 Female to 6 National Medals, U17 Male to 3 National Medals, U17 Female to 4 National Medals, Junior Male active on Team USA,  Junior National Champ +6 National Medals, Junior Pan Am Champ, and American Record Holder in C&J. 


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4111 Commerce Drive
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Telephone: 678-971-2489

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