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Why Personal Training?

A great way to get your desired results at an accelerated pace. 

  • Our Training Team has more experience and a greater fitness knowledge base than your typical Personal Trainer. They have been developed over many years of hands on practice, self study, internships, seminars, and certifications in a diverse background of health, wellness and athletic programs.

  • Personal Training can be tailored to your specific needs, wants, and goals. Don’t have a goal yet? Our coaches can help you define one and implement a results driven program to keep you on the road to success.

  • Our facility is more than just a CrossFit box or a Weightlifting gym – we are a health and wellness center, and with that we offer nutritional counseling, mobility, weightlifting instruction, yoga, and more. Personal Training is just a faster, more direct route to your goals.


Check out what other successful clients have said about our Training Team.

Endurance Review:

“I compete nationwide with the National Guard biathlon and marathon team and am the Minnesota marathon coach. Jeremy wrote me one of my best ever training programs and I found his fitness knowledge to be very impressive. Based on his vast experience level, he was also able to recommend future programs. I would recommend him to anyone at any athletic level. I’ve worked with many athletes on the national level and found Jeremy to be one of the top in his field.” M.M. (google review)

Fitness Review:

“Jeremy and all the other coaches at CFMK are life changers and I am a true testimonial to that. If you want to get in shape and change your life believe me when I say this is it! It is not always easy, but for some reason or another you find yourself coming back the next day to sweat it out again.” K.R. (google review)

Weightlifting Review:

“The OLY program was awesome. I feel super confident in all the lift, I actually sent a video to a friend that got me into OLY work and he was amazed at the improvements I’ve made.” A.R. (e-mailed)

Gym Review: 

“Love it here! Clean gym with knowledgeable trainers and awesome CrossFitters. Everyone motivates you with positive reinforcement. I was tired of trainers and classes at the other gyms and was stuck at a plateau. This place is addictive with different WODs each day and showing you what your body can do.” R.L. (facebook review)

Kids and CrossFit Review:

“Great box for adults and children. I never thought I would like working out and I definitely never thought I could do crossfit after being a couch potato for 20 years, but a year later I’m still here. The camaraderie and supportive coaching is a game changer. My kids (ages 9 and 12) love CrossFit kids too. So glad I was willing to give it a try.” T.J. (facebook review)

Please direct all Personal Training Questions to one of the Coaches below.

Brandon Conner 

[email protected]

Jeremy Warner

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Trice Sweet

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