The 2017 CrossFit Open

Hosted by: Max Kane Health & Fitness

The 2017 Schedule:

CF Open WOD 17.1: Feb. 23 – 27   FB event Page
CF Open WOD 17.2: March 2 – 6   FB event Page
CF Open WOD 17.3: March 9 – 13  FB event Page
CF Open WOD 17.4: March 16 – 20 FB event Page
CF Open WOD 17.5: March 23 – 27  FB event Page

How to Register:

Click Here

The Rules:

CF Games Rule Book

How to Win:

Scoring Rules

  1. CF Open WOD Score will be ranked from most points to least points in each division RX, Scaled, and Scaled Plus.  Which means the less scores your team has the less points for your team and if you don’t do the WOD.  If you don’t sign up and do the WOD you will score a zero.
  2. Score breakdown for RX, Scaled, and Scaled Plus.  (You will have from Friday through Monday until 5pm to complete each week’s WOD.)
    1. RX scores will count 1.5 points per point if WOD performed Friday night if not it will count as 1 point.
    2. Scaled scores will count 1.25 points per point if WOD performed on Friday night if not it will count as .75 point.
    3. Scaled Plus scores will count 1 point if WOD is performed on Friday Night if not it will count as .5 points.
  3. 5 points added to your individual score if you wear your uniform during the WOD. The 5 points will be added to your score no matter when you do the WOD.
  4. 10 points added to the total team score if ALL team members on Friday night show up in uniform.
  5. 5 points added towards total team score for each support member (cheer section).  So bring friends and family!
  6. Your original score you get, will be the score you put into the Games CrossFit account on the website or app.

Team Red

Team Members
Erica Parks
Tracey Shelton
Haley Hobson
Stephen Beal
Lee Anderson
Bertha Davis
Ken Brown
Tamara Brown
Thomas Mitchell
Todd Sharp
Caleb Bush
Priscilla Sweet
Nicole James
Rebecca Hammrick
Ilona Porter
Johnny Pridgen
Erin Pridgen
Drew Couch

Team Black

Team Members
Abby Frick
Joe Nation
Diana Flores
Kelli Hall
Jeff Rider
Vanessa Mora
Daniel Willems
Camille Smith
Jessy Bartecka
Connie Vandervelde
Carlton Westbrook
Angie Shipley
JoAnna Carey
Josh Harker
Jeff Swayze
Tammera Jordan
Todd Jordan
Lauren Wood

Team Green

Team Members
Gil Brown
Tyler Mixon
Lili Ivarie
Morgan Ash
Melanie Fuller
Joe Gelderman
Brandi Mixon
Gregor Scherer
Amber Ferguson
Jonathon Sorensen
Dawn Cannova
Chelsea Sitter
Andrew Thomason
Sara Jackson
Selen Olfaz
JohnFrank Dieguez
Matt Smith
Lisa Smith

Team Blue

Team Members
Gary Papka
Patrick Willmann
Sonia Pizano
Austin Ulsh
Whitney Chappell
Preston Southworth
Andy Bangs
Helen McCullan
Ryan Vaughn
Julie Vaughn
Jorge Ubico
Justin Hawkins
AJ Chandran
Andres Serrano
Debbie Roszel
Andrew Roszel
Rosa Martinez
Bryan Sellers

Team Scoreboard (Live Updates)

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