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Not Your Typical Introduction….

A Ghost Intro is not your typical “showing” experience. When you schedule a Ghost Intro, we set you up with a class that meets your fitness needs. In addition, we give you your own coach while the class is happening. That’s right: your own coach to teach you the basics of the workout and to answer any questions you have about the program. Your coach will meet you at the door, guide you through the workout, and be there to help every step of the way.

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“Why should I choose a Ghost Intro instead of the No-Sweat Intro?”

The Ghost Intro is unique because it allows you to see in real time how a CrossFit class works. Instead of being put into your first class with little to no prior CrossFit experience, we make sure you get the one-on-one attention you need to get the most out of  the workout. If you are considering group classes and you are eager to get started on your Fitness Journey, the Ghost Intro may be right for you.

“I am already fairly active, and I know my way around a weight room very well. Do I still need to have a Ghost Intro, or can I start out on my own?”

We understand that many athletes may already have some experience with lifting weights properly, and perhaps even some CrossFit experience. However, we also consider form to be the highest priority when it comes to CrossFit, and it’s our job to make sure members are avoiding injury by doing the workout correctly. We highly recommend starting out in a Ghost Intro if you are new to our program.

“How should I prepare for my Ghost Intro session?”

When you come in for your Intro Session, your coach will be there for you, ready to answer any questions you have before the class begins. We will ask that you arrive fifteen minutes before the class is scheduled to start so that your coach will have time to orient you with the gym and give you any initial instruction. Come ready to work out! This means active attire, appropriate training shoes, and a water bottle.

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