Title: Trainer

Name:  Connie Vandervelde


Age:  Really???


When did I get started doing Crossfit?  I started doing crossfit in November 2015.  I had begun to get bored with working out alone and in a traditional gym.


What does CrossFit mean to me?  Crossfit for me is a way to constantly challenge myself.  It challenges me physically and mentally.  I have stopped being so competitive with other people and have started to try to improve my own weaknesses thus competing with myself.  I have hit more personal bests in the last 1.5 years of crossfit than I ever have.


Favourite thing at Crossfit Max Kane:  People: the coaches and athletes, they have become friends that have supported me in my efforts to become a coach and to overcome some of my fears.  They encourage me to be the best ‘me’ I can be.


Favourite Activity:  Deadlifts and any WOD with deadlifts in it.


Favourite Cheat Meal:  Pizza and ice cream


One more thing about myself:  I really am Wonder Woman!!


Certifications:  Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

                       Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

                       Crossfit Level 1

                       Crossfit Kids


Paleo or Zone:  Paleo


How to contact me:  Through the power of the mind or by text, phone or email:  678-463-0629, [email protected]

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