Title: Affiliate Owner/Head Coach

Kyber Pass, Afghanistan 2009

Full Name: Jeremy Warner


Age: 37


When did you start using CrossFit as an exercise program? June 2009



What does CrossFit mean to you? CrossFit is a way for everyone, of any shape, size, fitness level, disability, ect, to improve their quality of life. CrossFit is not just a routine you do in the gym, it is a lifestyle, something you work at everyday and the benefits are limitless!


What is you favorite thing about CrossFit Max Kane? My favorite thing about CrossFit Max Kane is the amazing amount of support we can get for any cause the community decides to get behind! The community that has formed around our decision to be physically and mentally fit human beings is very powerful!


What are you favorite CrossFit related activities? I enjoy being social, so having a business that  revolves around providing a service to people makes me happy. I also enjoy “Cindy” and most barbell lifts.


What is your favorite cheat meal? I enjoy good food and good drinks. The best cheat meal would have Jameson Irish Whiskey with a splash of water on the rocks as a side and a Bailey’s and Coffee for dessert.


Tell us 1 more thing about yourself. I enjoy sarcasm more than you will ever know. Oh, you already knew that. Well next question!


What certifications do you currently hold? I hold numerous certifications that range from CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, Soft Tissue Therapy, to the US Army which all grant me the ability to teach or instruct a pretty vast surplus of fitness and defense related tasks.


How do we contact you? You can reach me by e-mail at [email protected]



More about Jeremy…

Affiliate Owner/Head Coach Jeremy Warner has over 10 years experience in coaching, training and mentoring physical fitness and combat readiness to a diverse group of people. He is a lifelong athlete, playing a sport every season throughout his childhood and into high school. On to his first year of college, Jeremy played soccer for Chesapeake College in Wye Mills Maryland when he then enlisted in the US Army. Jeremy has served with 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment completing tours to Afghanistan in 2002, Iraq in 2003, and Afghanistan 2004. After Active Duty Jeremy relocated to the South Hall city of Flowery Branch joining the Active Reserves as an Army Drill Sergeant who completed regular tours of duty to Afghanistan and Iraq as a Private Military Contractor. Jeremy is still serving in the US Army Reserves, him and his Wife Nora reside in Pendergrass GA.

Coaching Accomplishments:


  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (Level 3)
  • USA Weightlifting National Level Coach
  • USA Weightlifting National Level Referee
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar Assistant Coach 2012-2014
  • Team Manager and Coach for Team GA WL 2012-2014
  • Coached Runner up to Youth National Championship 16-17yr old 69kg Girls 2014
  • Coached athletes to Junior National Championships 2014
  • Coached athletes to individual and team medals at Youth National Championships 2013/2014
  • Coached athletes to the University National Championships 2013
  • Coached athletes to medals Master’s American Open
  • CrossFit Max Kane and Max Kane Barbell Owner/Head Coach
  • North Georgia Affiliate League Founder and Event Programmer
  • CrossFit South East Regional Judge


What got you started? I got started doing CrossFit while attending a course at the Black Water training center with Chris Simms, owner/affiliate of CrossFit East Cobb. We did “Cindy” but with burpees, I was smoked, then moved on to overhead squats where I just fell over. At that point I woke up and discovered what I had been missing! I have been doing CrossFit ever since, opening up as the first CrossFit Facility to serve the South Hall area in the city of Flowery Branch, GA.


What is your favorite workout? Ironically Cindy! I also enjoy performing the Olympic Lifts as the complexity of them each is an art form!


Zone or Paleo? I used to say Paleo, but now I enjoy a mix of the two. There’s nothing like dialing in your diet to improve daily performance! Quality first, and then check out the quantity!!