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Barbells & Babies is the premier postpartum fitness series in Flowery Branch! We are looking for 10 women for our next session. If you’ve recently had a baby and want to safely strengthen your body, this is it!

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Next Session – Starts May 30th!

Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am – 11:30am.

This series is valued at $960 but available for an amazing rate of $375! Only $31.25 each session. Invest in yourself and secure your spot fort $125. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Be one of the first to experience this amazing series in connection with other mamas.

In this Series, you will:

💜 connect to your breath and body.

💜 feel empowered and confident in yourself.

💜 physically heal after birth or pregnancy/infant loss.

💜 begin and/or return to functional movement.

💜 find emotional support and connection to other new mamas.


🔷 Non-mobile babies (0-18 months) are welcome!

🔷 No previous fitness experience is necessary.

🔷 You will need to be at least 6-8 weeks postpartum but can be up to 12 months postpartum or beyond.


Nora Warner

Fitness & Nutrition Coach


Nora is a certified Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Trainer at Max Kane Health & Fitness who’s mission is to help women regain their fitness through this postpartum through this program.


Nora is no stranger to Motherhood and postpartum recovery. She has had two pregnancies, with one living son. She is a strong and healthy role model for her son!

Common Questions

What is a typical class like?

The 60-minute class. We will have a warm up, strength movements, and a conditioning workout. The coach starts

with guided breathing and pelvic floor

work. Next, the coach will teach movements for

the strength movements and workout. Once the class is warmed up and taught the movements, the

training will begin.

What if I am unable to do all the movements?

Not possible! Every movement has multiple modification

options to accommodate every ability level, injury,

or limitation. The number one priority is safety,

followed by making sure everyone is comfortable

and having fun!

Sometimes I am exhausted. Is the class hard?

This program is designed as a gentle return to

fitness after giving birth (vaginal or C-Section). It

begins with a lot of attention to pelvic floor healing,

learning your new diaphragm, and building

foundational posture and functional movement

patterns. The intensity of the class slowly

progresses as you get stronger and feel more

confident in the movements. Even if you are tired,

come! Enjoy getting out of the house and sharing

your experiences with the other moms.

What if I have no fitness experience?

No problem! The program is designed for a gentle

return to fitness. Whether you have experience or

not, all movements can be modified to meet you

where you are at.

What are the benefits of this program?

Surprisingly, the social and peer support benefits

outweigh the fitness benefits. Picture yourself in a

loving family of moms all going through the same

challenges and milestones. The workout is a bonus!

What if my baby is fussy, hungry, or needs


Babies poop! Feel free to pause at any moment and

tend to your baby. You will have a mat in your

space and your baby will always remain beside

you. Feed them, change them, and soothe them.

You will always have an opportunity to include

your baby in the workout if they are having a fussy

day. Even colicky babies love the music and ceiling

fans – it is white noise gold!

What should I bring?

A water bottle, comfortable gym clothes, and

indoor shoes. Feel free to bring your baby in their

bucket seat/stroller. Some moms bring bouncy

seats, sit-up seats, or exersaucers.

What happens after 6 weeks?

The 12-week B&B program will naturally phase into

being ready to continue training at Max Kane. The first 6 weeks are spent focusing

on healing and gently returning to fitness. Continuing to train, we will focus less on the

pelvic floor and more on developing the

movements and skills learned in B&B. This also

allows our gym to welcome a new group of

postpartum moms every 6 weeks.

Can I bring my older child to the program?

For safety reasons, we have a strict No Toddler

rule. Our program welcomes babies 0-18 months

old so mothers can enjoy the program without having to worry about their toddlers getting into mischief. However,

arrangements can be made with the coach to have

your school-age child sit beside you during a class

(e.g. school Holiday).

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Babies and Beyond Physical Therapy will be offering:

Childhood Development Wellness Classes!

Meets every Thursday at 9:45am – 10:30am.

Cost: $25 / class

Tummy Time Class for 0 – 3 Months

Infant Development/Crawler’s Class for 6 – 8 months

Pre-Walking Class for 8 – 10 months


These classes will be 45 minutes in length, with guided purposeful play and live Q&A with pediatric physical therapist and development expert Jagruti Hambir, Pediatric Physical Therapist from Babies and Beyond Physical Therapy!

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