What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

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What is Soft Tissue Therapy?

Soft Tissue Therapy is a term used to describe the therapeutic treatment of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, fascia, and the connective structures that surround them all. This can be applied in many different forms. Popular on social media these days are external methods of self treatment such as foam rollers,  massage guns, electric stimulation devices, and scraping tools. Some of the more traditional external treatments are massage, vibration, and cupping. The idea of truly comprehensive Soft Tissue Therapy would include not just ways to externally work these structures but how to influence the structures’ relationship to each other through internal glides and muscle activation. This way we influence an environment of balance, working the superficial and deep structures that may contribute to painful conditions and structural imbalance. If you are dealing with pain, STOP! Find a licensed practitioner who can treat you, not the symptom.

uses a multi dimensional approach to Soft Tissue Therapy integrating Functional Movement Assessments, Postural Analysis and Muscle Testing. This determines faulty movement patterns, neurological input and strength ratios to treat the individual, find the root cause of pain, and then eliminate it. We follow this up with appropriately designed rehabilitation exercises to ensure the problem does not reoccur. A progressive strength building program is a great way to follow up your injury rehab program. Our facility is part of Max Kane Health & Fitness with many safe and effective programs to choose from and trainers to keep you healthy and pain free! #getfixed

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