Can You get a Good Physique and Muscle Mass if You Start in Your 30’s?

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I am 30 and I’ve never worked out. Will I be able to get a good physique and muscle mass even if I start at this age?


A good physique with functional muscle mass is achievable at almost any age. The addition of a well structured weightlifting program with some aerobic capacity work will drive your health markers in a positive direction. These markers include, increased lean mass (bone density and muscle), energy, balance, stability, body temp and mental acuity, with a decrease in blood pressure, blood sugar, non-lean mass (fat), and fatigue. The important part is to get started with an experienced trainer that will meet you at your current fitness level and lead you down the right path towards your goal accomplishment. This comes with adjusting for the speed bumps along the path and accountability to maintain consistency. 

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