Gain Muscle while Getting Shredded??

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Can I Gain Muscle Mass and Get Shredded at the Same Time?


The goal of adding muscle mass and staying shredded is the unicorn of most men. This goal is hard to achieve, however possible if you are diligent in tracking your training and macro nutrient ratios. As every person is an individual, you will need a skilled personal trainer to carefully structure your training to minimize inflammation and damage, while maximizing hypertrophy (muscle growth). A difficult task as damage is what drives growth. On the refueling side you will need to ensure that the timing of your meals contributes to the fastest recovery time possible inorder to avoid water retention and a puffy appearance. Your caloric intake will need to fuel growth but not an excess leading to storage. Sleep and stress management will be the final key to keep hormones in check and unwanted fatty deposits from forming if calorie levels are pushed too high.   

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