What are some Fitness and Nutrition Hacks to Build Muscle Fast?

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What are some Fitness and Nutrition Hacks to Build Muscle Fast?

Fitness and Nutrition Hacks in my mind are the typical downfall of a well structured, successful program. Planning and consistency are the keys to success. However; here are a few things that may aid you in the quest to put on a few slabs of beef to that physique of yours. 


  • Eat in a caloric excess- You need excess energy (kcal) to build new tissue. If you are not accurately tracking your caloric intake and macro nutrient levels, start there. Figure out what your current intake levels are and then boost up the Protein and Carbs to increase your calories fueling the recovery process. 
  • Lift more weightsTrade out your cardio and body weight circuits for a structured weightlifting program. A classic approach would be to train body parts (Upper Body, Lower Body, Torso) 2 times each weekly. An example would be Mon & Thur- Lower, Tues & Fri- Upper, Wed & Sat- Torso, Sun Rest. The amount of sets and reps can be 4-10 work sets with 5-12 reps each. Many systems have proven successful over the years, so try the one you have been avoiding. (10×10, 8×8, 5×5) it can all work when executed properly. 
  • Get more sleepThe importance of getting enough quality sleep can not be stated enough. This is the time our body resets the brain and restores the body. Poor, inadequate, or inconsistent sleep patterns are all proven to be detrimental to our health. This will slow the recovery process needed to build muscle mass, interrupt the creation of hormones vital to building muscle mass, and destroy our energy and motivation to train. Want to get jacked? Spend more time sleeping. 


If you need help wading through the sea of information, training programs and fad diets, contact us and set up a free consultation to learn how we can get you accomplishing your goals.

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