How to Eat Out Responsibly!

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How to Eat Out Responsibly

Who has left their lunch at home or completely forgot to meal prep due to our busy schedules? Where should you go to pick up some grub. I used to believe that if I forgot to bring my lunch my whole day was ruined. I would rather not eat and skip a meal then have a bad meal. Which is one of the worst things to do. I have come a loooong way. I want to remind you that you don’t have to be too hard on yourself and you can still enjoy food. Food is Fuel!

Let’s try to make healthier choices together. A few of my favorite spots to eat when I forget my lunch are:

· Avocados- they have a delicious Artisan Salad which is gluten free and you can always add grilled chicken. You can’t forget your protein!

· El Griton- has the best Mexican tacos in Gainesville! They have the best homemade tortillas. If you are going to workout later you need fuel.

· Atlanta Highway Sea Food Market- The ceviche is delicious!

· Publix- A simple Turkey Spinach wrap with a fruit bowl.

· Chik-Fil-A- Grilled Chicken tenders and small fries.


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