What Are You Training For?

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What Are You Training For?

Everyone has their own perspective on what (fitness) training is. Most people also have an opinion or belief systems as to the things in life that require a training program. For example, if you wanted to acquire a new position within your career field it may require additional training for you to be successful. The gym is not much different. At Max Kane Fitness we have many young clients who seek out our gym to prepare to join the military. Once they learn our owner has been in the military for almost 20 years and many other of our Coaches are also serving, they trust we are going to have the best training program for them. We also have people who come in looking to best a race time, or conquer the monkey bars at an obstacle race. No matter what the goal might be, these people know that additional training under the expertise of a coach is the only way to ensure success! 


Why is this different in comparison to a life event such as labor and delivery. Women who are considering pregnancy or currently pregnant should consider training for this huge life event. Let’s put it out there, child labor is one of the biggest athletic events some women will encounter in their lives! 


Now we realize there are numerous myths about exercising while pregnant that still circulate among many healthcare practitioners, but let’s just say it, they are not fitness experts. Many of these practitioners are quoting outdated information and in some cases opinions or old wives tales that do not stand up next to current studies and practices. 


Can you find a Coach, who understands both fitness and knows the workings of pregnancy?  What exercises are okay while pregnant and what you can do keep mom and baby not just surviving by thriving towards that labor date. Some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy include (1):

  • Reduces
    • back pain
    • need to induce
    • need for pain intervention
    • need for episiotomy
  • May decrease your risk of:
    • Gestational diabetes
    • Preeclampsia/Hypertension
    • Unplanned Cesarean delivery
  • Promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  • Improves your overall general fitness and strengthens your heart and blood vessels


How can you find someone who knows fitness, and has personal experience just like those clients that want to get stronger for the military? Come to Max Kane! We have a BIRTHFIT certified coach (Nora) who has the experience training for two pregnancies, and recovering from labor and delivery, the first ending in the loss of her son Jack and the second with her son Cullen. Nora has trained and mentored other women through pregnancy and postpartum recovery to ensure they returned to their lives just as strong and healthy as they went into labor. We strive to make our gym a multi dimensional and inclusive facility where pregnant women can seek help and receive the guidance to make them feel confident while training towards the birth of their child.



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