Weight Loss Methods

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Weight Loss Methods

If you enter “Weight Loss” in your Google search bar, there are endless ideas, methods, and snake oil options to attack your goal will be revealed. The main problem we experience next is paralysis by analysis! We start to wonder which one will actually work. Often the allure of what is easy, or in this case as close to what we already do is what we choose. No matter which door we choose, whether or not we are successful, we often end up right back to where we started after a few months wondering why our clothes are fitting snug again! So what is the best weight loss method?? Honestly there is only one! That is to monitor your caloric intake and create a caloric deficit. Now the way in which we do this is where the details tend to get borderline dogmatic in nature. I will keep it simple and lay out the land for you.


  • Keto– this method manipulates macro nutrient variables by restricting your carbohydrate intake filling yourself on protein and fats. By restricting your carbohydrates the argument is that your body will go into the process of “ketosis” whereby it burns fat as energy instead of sugar. The problem with this is that your body will create its own sugar for an energy supply in the Liver through another process called gluconeogenesis. The main contributor to weight loss is the caloric deficit created by you not consuming carbohydrates, which are easily over eaten. Not many people can overeat steak for either financial or digestive reasons.


  • Intermittent Fasting– This reduces the time window when you can eat. The argument is that insulin sensitivity and the production of the hormone testosterone is increased following a fasting window, leading to increased fat loss. The problem with this argument is that we naturally fast every night when we go to bed anyway to increase that length would disrupt our circadian rhythm. Matching our meal consumption to our circadian rhythm has far greater benefits for hormone production beyond just testosterone as well as natural energy. The weightloss effect is actually accomplished when we consume less calories (caloric deficit) since it is hard to overeat in a time restricted window due to our stomach size and digestion rate. 


  • Paleo Diet– This was structured off the argument that we need to eat like our ancestors did due to genetic similarities. Eliminating foods that were either not available or avoided due to intestinal distress or allergic reactions. The natural composition and variety of these foods make them typically more bio available and health producing. However the weight loss claim is that you will lose weight because these are healthier food options. Again the truth to the claim is that it is hard to overeat all natural whole foods. So by eliminating highly processed and man altered foods you can create a caloric deficit by just the reduction in daily consumption. 


Now there are endless variations as discussed. I am not claiming that they do not work as I discussed they all work in the same way actually when applied correctly. The only way to lose weight is to create a caloric deficit (intake Less than you expend). Now the topic can get very specific and diluted with many variables that can contribute, how much to eat, when, on what days. That is why it is always best to seek out a professional to help direct you towards the best option, as the best option for anyone is the method they will actually adhere to. Contact a Coach for your complimentary Nutrition Consult today!

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