The Winding Road of Group Fitness

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The Winding Road of Group Fitness

There is no arguing the fact that group fitness is more popular today than ever before, thanks to Greg Glassman and the grassroots fitness movement CrossFit. A higher level of fitness than ever before has risen, and because of the popularity, gave birth to complimentary fitness models such as Iron Tribe, OPEX, Orange Theory, and F45. I’m sure everyone of those models will argue how much different/better they are than one another, but in the end it is all fitness done in a group environment (group fitness). 


So why all the reluctance to join a group fitness program if it is so popular? The fitness world is it’s own worst enemy and will often work to discredit one model just to drive business towards another. The “let’s make a bigger pie” mentality to get the whole world healthy is tough. It is easier to just sensationalize one method, demonize the next, and pump out articles warning of dangerous practices a similar program might have. 


How does a consumer find a suitable group fitness program and avoid the “dangerous” ones? The answer lies in the values of the individual business and the knowledge of your trainers. If a business has values that are aligned with helping others, individualized success, and going the extra mile, then you can be a little more at ease knowing you will not get lost in the group. As a client you should always be more than a number or line item, and even though it is group fitness, you are a unique individual with goals and ambitions to match. You need to have a trainer/program that can meet you where you are at, adapt to your abilities and drive you to success no matter how many speed bumps may be placed along the journey.


If you are struggling with the motivation, or just don’t know where to start, give us a call, text or e-mail and we will be more than happy to help you out. Even if your path does not lead to us, we can still serve as a road sign to point you in the right direction. Help first always! #maxkanestrong

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