Practicing Positivity

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Practicing Positivity

Why Highlighting our wins is Important!

We like to celebrate “Bright Spots”.  A bright spot is exactly what it sounds like, it is a win, something that has brightened up your mood, causes you to smile when you think about it, or something you want to share with your friends and family. Celebrating your bright spots can help you appreciate the little wins along the hard road of life, fitness, or your career. It is easy to fall into a negative mindset with all of the over stimulating bad news that seems to circulate endlessly over social media or internet channels.

In fitness, the struggle is what achieves results. Without celebrating the wins within the struggle, fitness can become a lackluster activity that seems more like a punishment for your nutritional sins than an activity to look forward to each day.  So how do we keep from falling into this trap and losing the forest for the trees?  We celebrate our bright spots every week at a minimum with our “What’s Good Wednesday” thread. It is a time that everyone can take a minute and yell from the mountain tops what they are excited about accomplishing. It can be as simple as showing up to the gym every day that week, or remembering to pack your own lunch or as big as a new job opportunity, back squat personal record, or even the birth of a new child.  No bright spot is too large or too small to be passed over.  This simple process helps each of us be mindful of our accomplishments and appreciate our journey while not getting lost along the way.  A little practice in positivity each and everyday can go a long way in changing our mindset, gaining self esteem, and warding off the anxiety/depression that often comes knocking on our doors to try and keep us down.  Smile, laugh and celebrate more to a happy and healthy mindset with weekly bright spots!    

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