Incontinence While Training?

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Incontinence While Training?

Box jumps and double unders (aka jump rope) are common movements that pop up at our gym.  Both movements that can be found to be fun to some or frustrating to others!  How many of you have found yourself accidentally peeing while jumping? Maybe in a heavy squat?  Or even when sneezing or coughing?  Well first you are not alone, this happens to a lot.  But the next statement, you need to really take in. This may be common but it is NOT normal.  The fact is that incontinence is not something anyone should accept as their normal.  Incontinence is the lack of voluntary control over urination.


Most women who have babies will encounter some type of incontinence.  And because it is so common in postpartum women it’s been accepted that that is just what happens after babies and you have to deal with it. But there are women and MEN who have never had babies that have incontinence.  Another common issue that is related to incontinence is diastasis rectus abdominus which is separated abs.  These issues stem from a weak core and pelvic floor.  This can be seen in overweight individuals who are not physically active.   Which again, you should not accept and deal with it for the rest of your life.


What is great is that you can do something about it. No ladies, this does not mean using a tampon or any device to stop the urine from coming out.  That is just masking the problem.  Diaphragmatic breathing can strengthen your core and pelvic floor.  When we pair this type of breathing with functional progressions and movements this is where the magic happens.  Who doesn’t want to not worry about incontinence?!  Our coach Nora is a BIRTHFIT coach that is certified in this kind of training. Reach out to us and get started with a Wellness Consultation.

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