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Client Stories

1. What brought you to Max Kane in the first place? 

  • It was by mistake actually. My friend had told me about how much she was loving CrossFit and told me to come try a Saturday partner WOD with her. I assumed she meant MAX KANE, but she meant South Hall! I’d been driving by MK for years and thought, “Is there really a guy named Max Kane? That sounds scary and bad ass.” So when I got the invite, I was like… Okay. Here goes. When my friend didn’t show up, I realized I went to the wrong gym.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?  

  • There was metal playing. After working out with all ladies over prior years, no one listens to metal! I heard Manson and Zombie and decided right away, this is my place. It’s still my place. I left for a bit, but the impression at MK is one of friendship and community. Some lifelong friendships were born here.

3. What was your first “bright spot”, PR, or accomplishment? 

  • So many…I love being able to do the body weight movements and T2B. Also getting to ring that PR bell for the first time. I’ve rung it many times since.

4. What are you working on now? 

  • Trying to fight Corona and keep my back healthy. Working out at home has been disorienting. I’ve forgotten some good habits and replaced them with others (regarding movements/exercise). I feel like I suddenly remembered all the tricks I learned this week, so I’m putting them into practice. Still want that muscle up…

5. What’s your favorite Max Kane memory?

  • There are so many. I’ve been coming here since 2015. Working out with Nora for a Memorial WOD where we had to partner carry. Doing pull ups with Ken Brown years back. Dropping a plate on my toe… Holy shit that hurt. So many memories. Meeting Jullie for the first time. Meeting Simon for the second time. Babies and marriages – Jeremy’s and Nora’s. All the best memories are with every single one of you!

Tracey Shelton

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