Client Story – Angie Shipley

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Client Stories

1. What brought you to Max Kane in the first place? 

  • My brother, Wes, had been coming for a while and at one of our family dinners he reached across me and I saw the muscle definition in his arm and I said “OMG. You got that from CrossFit in a small amount of time? I gotta try this”.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?  

  • First impression, OMG we run to warm up! And there’s more than this warm up?? Believe it or not, I miss those warmups.

3. What was your first “bright spot”, PR, or accomplishment? 

  • One Saturday after class I asked Wes to let me try a rope climb, and I did it!

4. What are you working on now? 

  • Now I’m working on finding the work/life balance I have lost so that I can get back to some sort of consistency.

5. What’s your favorite Max Kane memory?

  • I have lots of those, partner workouts on Saturdays, doing piggy backs and wheelbarrows, my first Murph watching Jeremy do the whole thing wearing a weighted vest, my first CrossFit Open when we had so many people and seeing and feeling the comradeship and everyone cheering for everyone, but mostly for the last person in each heat. (which in my group was always me ?)  There are so many!!  My best personal memory is for the first time in my life I stopped thinking of exercise as a way to lose weight, the number on the scale became unimportant. It became “I want to be able to do that”.

Angie Shipley

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