What Makes Our Methods Different?

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What Makes Our Methods Different?

Like many other fitness programs available we are centered around creating a powerful and supportive atmosphere. We are an all inclusive community that goes above and beyond to ensure the success of our fitness family members inside and beyond the walls of our facility. But what makes us different? We are focused around 3 main pillars. These are simply listed as Movement, Mechanics, and Mobility.

  • We believe that Movement is the most powerful medicine and without it you lose your independence. When in doubt, get moving!


  • Mechanics are the foundation to pain free Movement. There are many things life can do to alter the way we move and degrade our Mechanics over time. In order to stay pain free we must improve our movement Mechanics!


  • Mobility defines how far we are able to move. Without the ability to bend over and reach the floor, stretch our arms up overhead to reach the top shelf, or squat to a chair and stand without assistance our days are numbered. Self reliance is independence, and without Mobility our independence is taken away from us slowly but certainly.


These three pillars make us different in our approach to fitness in that we customize the journey to the individual. We find out first what good habits are present and strengthen them by solidifying those practices and maintaining movement in the right direction. Then we supply professional Coaching that not only motivates and provides  accountability, but also teaches the how and why behind functional movement. We address pain and discomfort with corrective strategies and progressive programming, ensuring that we always do the most good with each method we apply. Finally we build upon a solid base, after reaching individual goals, those goals are refined and the program restructured every 90 days to refocus our strategy and continue making improvements. Why jump around to various gyms, and unstructured programs, from Physical Therapy to a Dietician back to your Chiropractor? Choose a solution that keeps you moving forward through health to fit all while staying pain free! We call it #maxkanestrong.

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