Founder’s Story- Why Max Kane?

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The Story of Max Kane

  • The story of Max Kane starts on a remote military outpost in Western Afghanistan where Founder Jeremy Warner was training the Afghan Border Police as a Defense Contractor. Working alongside former teammates from various Special Operations Forces in a highly volatile and unforgiving environment, fitness was a huge focus for mission success! Having trained to complete some of the toughest schools the US Army has to offer, while being a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, elite fitness was no new concept. Jeremy discovered that elite fitness could be developed in a way that contributed not only to success in high demand jobs, but also to help stay healthy and pain free when scaled appropriately to the individual. No matter the age, shape, fitness level, or disability, anyone could achieve their health and fitness goals using these methods.
  • Controlling the Chaos of Life through Elite Fitness would be our slogan, and not knowing where a physical gym may be located in the United States, the name of Max Kane was chosen. The term Max being high intensity, or the pinnacle and Kane for Founder Jeremy’s middle name but also playing on the theme of Chaos, to raise cain- meaning to disrupt or be rowdy. This fitness would help everyday people overcome the unknown and unknowable obstacles that can lead to daily chaos in our lives. Reduce stress by being fit!
  •    We are now 10 years old and firmly located in Flowery Branch GA. Our goals have remained solid but have refined with age. Movement. Mechanics. Mobility. These are 3 words that help describe our refined mission. We believe that movement is the most powerful medicine and without it you lose your independence. When in doubt, get moving! Mechanics are the foundation to pain free movement. There are many things life can do to alter the way we move and degrade our Mechanics over time. In order to stay pain free we must improve our movement Mechanics! Mobility defines how far we are able to move. Without the ability to bend over and reach the floor, stretch our arms up overhead to reach the top shelf, or squat to a chair and stand without assistance our days are numbered. Self reliance is independence, and without Mobility our independence is taken away from us slowly but certainly. 
  • Over the past 10 years it has been our absolute pleasure to introduce so many people to a new and improved method to get healthy! We look forward to having you join our story! 

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