Client Story – Carrie Young

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Client Stories

1. What brought you to Max Kane in the first place? 

  • I did a lot of research to find out what CrossFit was and Max Kane had the best answers. So I signed my husband up. Then, 6 months later, my husband signed me up. 🙄 So I went. Not because I was super interested at the time, but because I love my husband and wanted to be supportive of what he loved.

2. What was your first impression? How has that changed?  

  • When I came I was nervous, I don’t like being pushed and I was worried I would hate the workouts. What I ended up hating was how out of shape I was. Each coach took time to be encouraging and to help me find ways to push myself, with out becoming overwhelming or self deprecating (other than jokingly).

3. What was your first “bright spot”, PR, or accomplishment? 

  • Bright spot was deadlifting 175. Never knew I had that!

4. What are you working on now? 

  • Now I am working on consistency. Putting myself somewhere in that long list of people and things I take care of and making myself a priority too.

5. What’s your favorite Max Kane memory?

  • Favorite memory- do I have to have just one? I have laughed through too many workouts and made too many memories with new friends to count. I love all of it. My favorite thing is the people. They make every workout worth showing up for.

Carrie Young

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