WOD 1.23.19

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Upcoming Events

2019 Max Kane CrossFit Open

When: 5 Weeks Feb – Mar

Who: Max Kane North vs. South

What: A Global Challenge used to gauge your fitness and progress annually

Why: Because we all love to see each other conquer new feats of fitness

Find out More about the CF Open Here

Workout of the Day 1.23.19

Skill / Structural Balance

Teach / Improve:

GHD Work

Use the Points of Performance and Corrective Measures listed in the CF L1 Journal

Strength / MetCon

Level 3

3 Rounds of:

200m- Run

15- GHD Sit-ups

200m- Run

20- GHD Hip Ext

Level 2

3 Rounds of:

200m- Run

15- GHD PROM Sit-ups

200m- Run

20- GHD PROM Hip Ext

Level 1

3 Rounds of:

200m- Run

15- AbMat Sit-ups

200m- Run

20- AbMat Hip Ext

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