The Threshold

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The Threshold

The word commitment seems like a simple word, and many times it’s thrown out in a conversation with no real thought about the follow through. In this piece, I am asking you to commit, or re-commit to something a little different and every workout do your best to really follow through with it. Many of us who have been trying to stay fit through working out and eating right have undoubtedly found ourselves in plateaus that can be very discouraging. For some people this can be the end of their fitness journey, which is sad to see knowing they are likely right on the other side of their breakthrough. So, what does it take to push through these plateaus? Let’s take a look at it.


We all have heard a thousand times to eat right, be consistent, push hard, etc., but that’s not what this is about. What I want to talk about is that one point in the workout where we question should I let off a little? Should I keep pushing? Should I tell myself I am on rep 20 instead of 18? It’s that dark place where the music fades away, it feels like someone snuck up and kicked you in the stomach, and you clearly realize those jalapenos you added to your lunch were a very bad idea. This is where we have a real decision to make, amidst the chaos, you are having a conversation with yourself about life, why am I doing this, there has to be an easier way…. Welcome to the threshold, this is the exact place where we break through our plateaus and create the biggest reward for ourselves. You know, some days when it’s all said and done that little voice is either saying you could have went a little harder, you could have added a little more weight or you are saying to yourself, I am so glad I survived that now I feel amazing. This is plain and simple a test of mental toughness; this is not about lifting heavier than you should, this is all about finding that uncomfortable spot and sticking with it. This is where you will see your greatest improvement and reward mentally and physically.


This is realistically short-term suffering for a long-term goal. Go outside of that comfort zone, and once you continually do that, you will see major changes and it will become your normal. Fight against falling into the groove of being comfortable, lifting the same weight, doing the same movements, week after week, and make your breakthrough!!


-Coach Richard


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