New Year, Same Fitness Wisdom

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New Year, Same Fitness Wisdom

Every year since I can remember, on December 31st right before the stroke of Midnight, people everywhere are celebrating a New Beginning. The clock ticks over to 12:01 and boom! Washed away are the mistakes of the year past and we stare directly ahead at 365 new days to improve ourselves. But does it work that way?


The sad truth is No, it does not work that way. We have accumulated baggage with the previous year of less than ideal decision and lifestyle choices. It would be completely naive for us to imagine that a 30-60-or whatever day challenge would put us back into a healthy body and state of mind. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear or sugar coat the difficulty of kicking bad health habits and forming new healthy ones. I am here to tell you the cold hard truth!


So here it is..

The only way for you to really change is to be consistent. On average a 16oz (Grande) drink from Starbucks rounds out to 300 calories. That is almost a meal that you lost to a worthless sugary drink. Instead you could of eaten 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup of mixed berries, and a slice of buttered toast (If you eat bread). The result in your body would be that of firing up your metabolism and fueling you with vitamins and minerals as well as some solid macronutrients in contrast to the Coffee drink giving you a quick, short lived pick me up followed by a fat storing insulin spike and hard energy crash. Life is full of choices, make wise ones when it comes to what you eat and the rest will get easier with a clear energized mind and body! Now if you can make similar substitutions everyday for the remainder of the year the results will be astounding. Adding in exercise is the next step. Last year you averaged 2 times a week, this year push it to 3 or 4. Increase the length or frequency of your walks if you can not make it to the gym more often. Whatever you can figure out is better than just giving in an falling back into the same routine that plagued the previous year. Need help getting it started? We are hosting a No Nonsense Nutrition Seminar on January 12th at 9am. It will be at the Flowery Branch location at 4610 Elk Ridge Ct STE B. I hope to see you all there!


-Coach Jeremy

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