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Thousands of people will soon begin searching for the magic fix to make them healthy and fit with the turn of the year upon us.  Once they find out it’ll take a lot of time and some hard work, many will bow out of their resolutions very quickly, not willing to make it a priority.  This is not true for everyone, but a larger percentage than those that stay on track will lose sight of their goals.  One small tool that is often overlooked during this time is an accountability partner.  Having an accountability partner can make the difference between success and failure in any aspect of life.


One of our many tasks as trainers at MK is to hold our athletes accountable to showing up to class and giving the day’s WOD there all.  However, it takes a lot more to just showing up to the gym to reach a goal that takes time to harvest. Whether you want to admit it or not, the other 23 hours of your day directly affects what happens inside the walls of the gym for that one hour.  A trainer can only help as much as an athlete allows them to help.


Ask yourself, what is your goal or goals for 2019?  Then think of someone that you can trust in supporting you to reach those goals.  All of us at MK are pursuing a life of health and fitness so there’s a good pool to pull from, either athletes or coaches.  Whether it’s improving your nutrition to lose weight or to eat cleaner reducing sugar intake, there is someone wanting to do the same.  There is strength in numbers so two going for the same goal, can be a lot more successful than going into it alone.  Whose to say it can only be two, get a group together to make the support team even deeper.  It doesn’t have to be nutrition; it can be improving attendance, reaching a PR on a lift or benchmark WOD, running a 5k, or doing a competition.  All of these can be obtained easier if you are held accountable the goals you have in live a healthier life.


If you are looking to make 2019 a healthier year, set yourself up for success and seek out that accountability partner or group to help make the path a bit easier.  When you start seeing the results in and out of the gym, it makes the hard work that much more sweeter knowing that it does work.


-Coach Wes

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