The Importance of Community

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The Importance of Community

A large part of why gym’s like ours thrive is the community created between our athletes.  Yes we refer to our members as athletes.  Because they come in and put their best foot forward everyday at the gym to better themselves physically.  But the relationships I have seen blossom from our gym is so heartwarming.  I see friendships made all the time.  I love it.  It makes what we do even more satisfying.  We see people improve on a physical level but we also see people come into their own.


I’ve seen athletes come in who are quiet and unsure of themselves.  And over the months, I start to see the real person shine through.  They stop questioning themselves and start becoming more and more confident.  I love it!  Seriously so great.  That was my journey as well.  Our gym has made me realize that we do a lot more than make people fitter.  We all come for the same reason, health and fitness.  Then we create connections and friendships with each other.  The community is where we can find support because there are strength in numbers.



This is why it was so hard to hear the passing of one of our former athletes.  He had taken a break from the gym due to a crazy schedule and finances.  We had current athletes who were great friends with him, stayed in contact with him, and hung out with him.  So his passing was a shock to all of us because he took his own life.  We are all struggling to understand and accept he’s gone.  I will take this from my husband, “If you pray, then pray, if you celebrate, celebrate his energy and friendship.”  I was planning to send a Christmas card to him and tell him he should come to our holiday party which just breaks my heart I won’t see him again.  Please reach out to your loved ones.  You just never know.  It’s so cliché but very true.


As for our gym and our athletes, we really care so much about all of you.  Please reach out to us if you need someone to listen to you complain or let steam off about something.  Or if you really need help with anything just ask.  Our community is so important to us.  We are all here together, figuring life out as we go.


-Coach Nora

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