WOD 10.9.18

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Workout of the Day 10.9.18

Strength / MetCon

Level 3

AMRAPs of:

1min-Power Clean 95/135

1min- HSPU

45sec- Power Clean 95/135

45sec- HSPU

30sec- Power Clean 95/135

30sec- HSPU

15sec- Power Clean 95/135

15sec- HSPU

Level 2

AMRAPs of:

1min-Power Clean 65/95

1min- Pike on Box

45sec- Power Clean 65/95

45sec- Pike on Box

30sec- Power Clean 65/95

30sec- Pike on Box

15sec- Power Clean 65/95

15sec- Pike on Box

Level 1

AMRAPs of:

1min-Power Clean 45/65

1min- Pike on Floor

45sec- Power Clean 45/65

45sec- Pike on Floor

30sec- Power Clean 45/65

30sec- Pike on Floor

15sec- Power Clean 45/65

15sec- Pike on Floor

Skill / Structural Balance

5 Rounds of:

5- Bent Over Row

5- Shoulder Press

5- Good Morning

Rest 1min and increase load as able

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