What is Your Why?

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What is Your Why?

Why do we do this every day? Everyone seems to have different reasons for coming to the gym and pouring their heart and soul into a daily workout. Some are chasing fitness and hoping to increase longevity with a better quality of life than they see other people dealing with. Some are maybe trying to fight off excess pounds they’ve dealt with in the past, while some love the challenge and competitive aspect that come with crossfit. Regardless of what motivates you to come, there should be some basic things to keep in mind to ensure you can/will perform well for years to come.


How much would you be affected if there was no scoreboard? What if you just showed up every day and had no idea the amount of time it should take to finish a workout? Would you push harder or let off the gas a little? Are you willing to scale up or scale down a workout to either gain more strength or utilize better the technical aspects of movements, in turn likely lowering yourself on the scoreboard? I challenge you to not look at the scoreboard for a few weeks, rather focus daily on the workout at hand and decide if you are going to be challenged, are you going to focus on moving well, which in the long run will make you more efficient and safe. With the improvement of efficiency will come long term improvements in speed and loads lifted. Are you working out to lead the scoreboard, or are you working out to be a better you?

If you look at a workout and consider how fast you are going to do it, maybe it is time to consider scaling up? Are 5 rounds of 10 pull ups going to present little challenge for you? If so, maybe it’s time to consider putting on a weight vest or pushing for chest to bar instead. Question is, are you willing to consistently challenge yourself at the expense of your scoreboard placement?  All of these considerations must be made with a coach’s guidance and without changing the intended stimulus of the workout much.


In the end, this is all about improvement of our fitness levels, body composition, strength, and technique/quality of movement. No one area should hold more value than the other. Key is be consistent, challenge yourself daily to improve in all aspects


-Coach Rich

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