Pregnancy Tips

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Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips


There are so many misconceptions and false facts out there about pregnancy.  I do not consider myself an expert in any way but I have read a lot about pregnancy and I’m over halfway through my first pregnancy currently.  29 weeks to be exact!  But I have some helpful tips that have helped me or that I am trying to stick to during my pregnancy.

My latest baby bump update. I need to another one this week!

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

When it comes to your pregnancy and the choices you are making, it is up to you and your significant other and no one else.  That means doing your homework and making informed decisions. This means you have to ask questions and not just agree with what you are told you “should” do.  Don’t make decisions from fear or hear say either.  You are in charge of your body and pregnancy.


Be Active

If you choose to be active while pregnant that is ok!  I like to explain that birth and labor is the biggest athletic event of your life and if you can train for that, why not.  It’s been studied that a more healthy and fit mama means a more health and fit baby.  If you are clueless on what you should and can do then reach out to a knowledgeable trainer.  That means doing your homework.  A great option is a local BIRTHFIT Certified coach.  They have gone through an entire seminar about how to train pregnant mamas.  You don’t have to be active before you get pregnant if you want to be active during your pregnancy.  It just means adjusting and working at the level you are at.


Eat Healthy

This should be something you are always striving for!  If you change your eating habits in preconception, you have a better chance of continuing that throughout your pregnancy.  There obvious hurdles with the 1st trimester when it comes to morning sickness and food aversions.  During the 1st trimester, you try to do your best and eat what works for you.  Everyone seems to say “you are eating for two”, but I’m sorry to break it to you that is a false statement.  Pregnancy is not a free for all to binge on all the sweets and snacks you want to eat.  You want to eat a bit more than you normally do but overeating and over-indulging is not a good idea.  That is where you can run into developing gestational diabetes or other issues.  Also make sure to have a good prenatal vitamin throughout preconception, pregnancy, and nursing.  Your body is going to need those vitamins.



This one is super important.  Your mindset and your state of mind are very important for your well being and for your baby.  Your stress is felt by your baby.  So your goal to is try not to stress about too much.  Take time during each day to breath or meditate, whatever is your preference.  But meditation could be just taking a walk and clearing your mind of life’s daily problems and connecting to your baby.



This is important as well.  Your body does a lot while it sleeps.  You need to get as much sleep as you can get. Sleep starts to get uncomfortable the later in your pregnancy.  Get yourself some pillows for propping yourself up or between your legs.  I have been lucky and haven’t dealt with any insomnia.  If you struggle with insomnia, try a diffuser with lavender and other oils for calming when you go to sleep.  Also nice warm baths before bed…but let’s be real I’m not sure who has time to do that every night.


My biggest want for women is to take care of themselves during pregnancy.  Drop your expectations and be flexible.  But make sure to stay intentional towards your goals!  Enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can.  It is a special time in your life.


-Coach Nora

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