Weather the Storm

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Weather the Storm

  • Have you ever talked yourself out of a workout because you just weren’t feeling it that day?
  • Have you got discouraged from a nutrition plan (aka diet) that just didn’t give you the results you were looking for?
  • Does your body rely on its natural strength to compensate for your shortfall of technique to get a specific task done?


If you can answer “no” to all these questions, please share your secrets for the rest of us!  I’d love to hear how you have mastered life in today’s world. Many of us, including myself, cannot even come close to one “yes” for one of those questions.  Life throws us curveballs on a constant basis and it’s difficult to even define normal anymore. With the stresses of work, family, friends, school, etc., we face daily struggles that can derail our fitness goal to living a healthy life.


There is no doubt, we’ve all hit that snooze button in the morning or drove straight home one afternoon rather than going to the gym.  If weight loss has been your goal, there’s been a time of weighing where the scale didn’t show you the result you were looking for. Whether it’s power lifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, or endurance there is always room for improvement.  The fact is, there is no magic pill to give you the solution to your fitness goals. If there is a secret to achieving these goals, it must be the persistence of hard work and surrounding yourself with a community.


Nothing comes free in life.  You must do the work to get the results you want.  Will that work always be a smooth road? Nope, but you will get there a whole lot quicker overcoming the bumps than sitting on the couch.  You will have setbacks in motivation, perhaps injury and just the fact that you are living life. Speaking from experience, nothing is more discouraging than an injury.  During the pain, the idle time, and rehabbing, you start to think that you will never find relief and get back to a barbell. Granted my injuries have been minor compared to some, but I honestly felt like I would never get back to participating in a regular class.  However, listening and adhering to the advice of my doctor, coaches, and most of all, my body; I made it back. During that time down, my motivation hit rock bottom and I lost strength and skills that I had worked so hard to gain. The point is, just because you hit a bump, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goals.  Life is unfair and some of us must work harder for those PR’s, BUT THEY ARE WITHIN YOUR REACH with some hard work. It’s awesome to see athletes come back in the door who just fell off the grid for whatever reason, knowing they want to do better with their health.

The second part to the formula is surrounding yourself with a positive community that is going to hold you accountable to putting in that hard work.  If you are reading this, you are most likely a member of Max Kane and know that we have a strong community within those four walls that uphold one another.  We joined Max Kane to find health and many of us have found more than that through friendships and good times. If you want some brutally honest criticism with some good laughs, you don’t have to go very far, we all know where to go.  The fact of the matter is, it’s what we all need to hear and take it to heart and mind to make ourselves better.


Don’t get discouraged with the trials of life and think you are the only one that has the world staring you down.  Find relief knowing that there are others facing those same struggles and it’s an easier road when you have a hand helping you hold the umbrella through your storm.


-Coach Wes

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