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As we all have seen in the recent months, the training has been excellent but tough. Throughout my personal life and the time I’ve been training you wonderful Max Kane peeps, I have noticed that one factor has separated to GOOD from the GREAT.
Especially during strength cycles, members that have shown up consistently 3-4 times a week have seen AWESOME growth in their lifts. Like I stated before, this is showing in my personal life as well.
There are some days that I just do not want to hit the gym and workout. But I have noticed that if I just force myself to GET THERE and do SOMETHING, my results are better, I feel better, and I progress physically/personally. Don’t let that tiny voice in your head ruin the body you have worked so hard for.
Keep pushing! This new program is really gunna point out the people who come regualarly and every day. DON’T BE THAT GUY THAT DOESN’T SHOW UP! 🏋
See y’all in the box!
-Coach Seth

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