Accepting Yourself Through Change

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Accepting Yourself Through Change

I’m 21 weeks pregnant this week!  Pregnancy is a exciting time but it is also full of change and anticipating the change that is yet to come.  We as women are consistently working on our bodies and making them the best that they can be.  I could be upset that after all the work I’ve put in that my body is going change, stretch, and never be the same.  Or I could embrace all the changes and celebrate them!


I’m so glad I did put all the work in because I created a healthy body that is able to create and carry baby.  I do catch myself worrying about how I’m going to change BUT I going to embrace it because I’m carrying a life inside of me which is so amazing!  We all know in the end, it’s worth it.  There are so many women that want this, who have lost and will never be able to conceive.  Got to keep everything in perspective!

Some key things to do to embrace yourself, even through change.

  1. Get ready naked!  Yes I’m serious. I did this all the time before I was pregnant.  You want to start to embrace your body, then start looking at it and loving it.  Find the things you love about your body.  For pregnancy, it’s been fun to see how my body is changing and how my belly is growing.
  2. Stop looking at the scale everyday.  It’s a buzz kill. It’s not all about the number on the scale.  It’s about body composition (your muscle to fat ratio) and how you feel.  If don’t feel good it’s time to make a change.  Remember it’s always up to you and your in control.
  3. Keep a positive outlook. You can focus on the negative or you can choose to see the positive.  It is up you to make that choice though.  Talking about yourself or your body in a positive way is one way to start.  Or accepting a compliment when you are given one, which is such a hard thing for women.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It takes continual work!
  4. Believe in yourself.  Don’t doubt yourself.  You are capable of whatever you put your mind to!  Again I think this one takes work if this one doesn’t come naturally to you.  If you set a goal for yourself then believe you can get to it.  Make sure that you have set realistic goals with realistic timelines as well.
  5. Know that you are amazing!  Duh. 😉


Try these out daily.  They help me and I work at a lot of this constantly.  If you struggle with accepting yourself through life, hopefully this helps you to accept and embrace the amazing person you are!


-Coach Nora

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