What’s in a Name?

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What’s in a Name?

It’s the one thing we get for free upon birth in this world. We can make it known or keep it anonymous. We can even change it if we so desire. So What’s in a name anyway?

I came up with the name Max Kane during the 100 days of wind out in the mountainous desert of Herat Afghanistan. Home of Alexander the Great’s Citadel, some of the largest Minarets in the world, and of course plenty of chaos to keep a young American freedom fighter busy. As the job we had was very physically demanding, on any day, at any unannounced time, we might find ourselves running, hurdling, climbing or crawling over various types of obstacles and terrain while carrying about 60lbs of personal gear. To say we needed to be physically fit was an understatement. This job and this place punished any weakness, be it mental or physical, a person may possess. We therefore; worked to eliminate ours.


“Controlling the Chaos of Life Through Elite Fitness” became the tagline I attached to the name Max Kane. My middle name being Kane and having raised much cain all over the world throughout my relatively young life, I had found the perfect combination to sum up the type of fitness we would pursue and would also later share with others who wanted to eliminate their weaknesses.


Fast forward 8 years. The name that started it all is still alive and well. Although we have evolved from the knuckle dragging, gun toting, fitness warriors to one of the most educated and inclusive programs you will find. We still hold true to the original belief we had upon birth. If you want to take charge of your life, be able to own any situation that comes your way, and never have a weakness exploited by your environment, then you better train like your life depends on it, as we learn more and more, everyday it truly does. Movement is medicine, nutrition is as important as breathing, and if you want your name to last the test of time, you better take control of both.


See you in the box.


-Coach Jeremy

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