What is a Psoas? Why should I care?

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What is a Psoas? Why should I care?

Psoas  Major is a pretty important muscle to get educated about if you are serious about your health, fitness, or just living pain free.

  • The Psoas has origins on the transverse processes (pointy things on the sides of each vertebrae) of T-12 down through L-5 (bottom of ribs to sacrum) of your Spinal Vertebrae. This immediately tells me, I bet it can have contributions to low back pain if I do not take care of it! It crosses over the front of the hip and inserts on the Lesser Trochanter of the Femur (front side near hip crease). It has a few actions worth mentioning such as Lateral Rotation of the Hip, Flexion of the Vertebral Column (Spine), Anteriorly (Forward) Tilts the Pelvis, and is the Strongest Flexor of the Hip.

What does all this mean?

  • Well lets throw out an example for those concerned with Fitness. I have trouble performing toes 2 bar, L Sits, and Knee Raises. A weak Psoas could very likely be the cause of your troubles flexing at the hip. Hip flexion being a movement required by each of the exercises just mentioned.
  • What about low back pain? Psoas Major anteriorly tilts the pelvis which will at times pull the Lumbar region into over extension or what is referred to as lumbar lordosis. This condition often manifests with chronic lower back pain that gets worse after standing for extended periods of time.
  • Now for lateral hip rotation? Are you one of those athletes who twist up as you squat or deadlift? Do you go to the Chiropractor for an adjustment weekly, to “fix” your tilted or misaligned hips? Well, instead of putting a bandaid on your issue each week with a pelvis adjustment, why not go to the root of the problem and really fix it?

What to do now?

  • Loosen up that tight Psoas with some stretching and strengthen it with targeted exercise. Whatever you choose to do, at a minimum, stop walking around the gym in the dark uninformed about this very important part of your body! If you want to learn more reach out and let us know!

See you in the box! – Coach Jeremy-

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