The Importance of Tracking

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The Importance of Tracking

Whether we are talking about nutrition or exercise, consistent tracking of these things can’t be overlooked. Without tracking, we truly will not be able to measure progress in strength and conditioning or identify flaws in our nutrition. This does not have to be an overwhelming task that takes tons of time if you are prepared.


For nutrition, I suggest using an app on your phone like MyFitnessPal and a basic digital scale you can purchase for less than $20.00. This app is free for the basic version and is full of great information. Useful tools built in like a barcode scanner make it quick and very user friendly. It retains frequently used items in history making it almost more convenient every time you use it. Another great feature is the recipe, meals, and food selection that allows you to put in your recipe as you make it and divide it into servings, giving you macros for each serving.

For training, we use WodHopper to try to track results, but I really like a hand written WOD book best. The phone tends to be a major distraction in the gym not letting you focus on your workout. In CrossFit we try to repeat workouts every once in a while to see if we have achieved any improvement by being able to lift more or do a given amount of work in a faster time. If you are not sure what you did last week for a given lift, or of your time the last time you did a specific benchmark, it is hard to track and push yourself to improve. Without that consistent push for higher intensity or adding a little weight to the bar, improvement can be slow to come.  Another great part of a good WOD book is it gives you a chance to write how you feel, if you are tired, if your nutrition has been sucking, how much you have been sleeping etc. These are all vital aspects that have a direct effect on your performance.

Don’t let all your hard work in the gym go to waste, track it, consistently strive to improve it, keep track of as much as you can but don’t let it become a burden. Give it some time and it will become a rewarding habit.


-Coach Rich

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