Protect Your Body

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Protect Your Body

Hey guys a little known fact, but a ignored one by most people.  Our bodies react to certain things differently all throughout the week.  With that being said, let’s say you are working out every morning at 5:30 and heading off to work all day.  Then you get home late, which means you are eating later than normal and going to bed late.  Eventually your body is going to crash, you need time to recover and get enough sleep so you can perform at a higher level. What I am mean by this, is to make sure you get enough rest so that your body can recover and you can perform at the levels you want.

There is nothing wrong with a rest day so you can recover, resting is as essential as working out. Think of it like this, when working out you are breaking down tissues and putting strains on those tissues which can lead to muscle soreness. Rest allows your body to recover and rebuild in the down time.  So take time to recover and let your body rest.

Now go get after your goals!

Coach Johnny

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