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Hey guys! Hope everyone is have a good week. So today we are going to talk food again, more specifically eggs. The common misconception with eggs is that they are “too high in cholesterol and fat” “don’t eat them a lot because you’ll get high blood pressure.”

One key component to making testosterone in the body (AKA building muscle and strength) is cholesterol. Now obviously there is good and bad cholesterol but I’ll get into that in another post. The yoke of the egg is what contains all of the nutrients like potassium, cholesterol, sodium, vitamin A, D, B-12, C, B-6 and much more! The white of the egg is where the protein, mostly, is found. Another great part about an egg is on average they only contain 0.6g of carbs. So they are great for morning pre-workout meals.

So I’m sure you’ve heard of people just using the whites of the eggs for protein, but without the yoke, look at all the nutrients you are missing out on! So put simply, DON’T BE SCARED OF EGGS! They are a hidden super food!
I hope everyone has a great week and awesome workouts!
-Coach Seth

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