Training for Birth

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Training for Birth

The BIG news is out…I’m pregnant!  Yep it’s been hard to keep this info to ourselves.  We told family and close friends of course.  Now it’s been just over 12 weeks.  We are excited and nervous!  Well I’m more nervous and Jeremy is more excited right now!


Let me tell you the first trimester is rough!  You are so tired, like you want to take naps everyday.  The food aversions are annoying to say the least.  Some things I loved to eat were just not what I wanted for a while.  I was VERY lucky and did not really get much of any morning sickness. Did I say I was really tired though?


With being so tired, I rarely wanted to get up and go workout most weekday mornings.  I mean that is my routine and has been for years now.  And yes, I know to all the mamas reading this, my routine is going to change a LOT after the baby gets here.  But I will figure that out when the time comes.  What I am worried about now is training for birth.  I mean birth is the biggest athletic event of your life.  The first trimester, it was a successful day if I made it into the gym and I was ok with that.


I’ve already started scaling some movements that have any extreme flexion.  That means movements like sit ups and toes to bar.  It’s crazy how quickly your body starts making changes.  My abs felt tired and almost sore, yet I had not done anything ab/core related when it came to my workouts. So the perfect question for myself has been, “is it going to benefit me or not in the long run?”.  Yes, I’m capable of toes to bar right now but will that movement help my body for pregnancy and birth.  The answer is no, those movements will not.  The more you over work and overuse you midline in extreme flexion, it will exacerbate diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) aka ab separation.  Every women at some point in their pregnancy will develop some degree of DRA.


At our gym we always want you to train smart no matter what.  If there is a client with a new or existing injury, we scale appropriately.  They are temporarily limited but the coaching staff is there for you to give your scaled movements.  It is the same while working out pregnant, you should continue to train but some movements will change.  This is something I think a lot struggle with feeling limited BUT you aren’t limited forever.  You are temporarily limited so that you can train the most efficiently.


Please follow me and my pregnancy on Facebook or Instagram, @sweetnorawarner13!  I will be trying to make lots of updates on how it’s going and how I feel.  (I’m the one cheesing in the purple sports bra 😉 in the bottom right of the photo)


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