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So some of you know I went the to the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar the first week of April this month. I just found out that I am now a Certified BIRTHFIT Coach yesterday!  I have been so immersed in everything to do with it since I signed up for the seminar back in December. I have listened to too many podcasts to count, ordered multiple books (and have actually read some of them), and still so hungry for more knowledge. This might have a little bit to do with the fact that starting a family is on my mind BUT as a coach it is so exciting too! It is another means to bring information to our clients that will set them up for success, especially when it comes to the motherhood transition, which BIRTHFIT’s definition is from preconception to a year postpartum. The motherhood transition is a huge piece for many women at some point in their life and being able to train and coach clients through it with more knowledge is what I want to do! It’s what our gym wants to do as well.

When it comes to fitness, I believe BIRTHFIT are the leaders in the prehab and rehab of pregnancy. In other words, they have an amazing program for how to train for labor and how to recover from labor intentionally. I mean labor is the most athletic event of a woman’s life, so why not actually train for it! You will need strength and endurance to make it through labor. And a healthy and fit mama means a healthy and fit baby.  What I love about postpartum through BIRTHFIT is that “slow is fast”.  You need to take time to connect with baby and recover through nutrition and rest first.  It is not about getting your pre-baby body back.  It’s about taking the time to recover correctly so that that you come back stronger than you did before you were pregnant!  I love that idea so much.  Your body will always be different but you can get back to feeling great about yourself.


It seems all their information is only for women, but it is not! Everyone has a core and pelvic floor. Their functional progressions paired with breath are gold, and not easy I might add. You can bet I’ve been working on mine! Their functional progressions are to improve and strengthen your core and pelvic floor health. Who doesn’t want a stronger core, am I right? So gentleman you can benefit from BIRTHFIT too!


If you are looking to train through your motherhood transition or you’re years postpartum please reach out. I ready to help you! And members better be on the lookout for some of those progressions showing up in class. 😉

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