Technique Over Weight

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Technique Over Weight

To quote the CrossFit Journal, The Startup Guide to CrossFit: Part 1, “The first and most important component of beginning CrossFit is to follow our charter of mechanics, consistency, and then intensity. These three aspects are intricately interrelated; CrossFit does not work to its potential unless you execute each one and understand how it is bound to the others.

Mechanics refers to technique—your ability to move properly through our core movements. For us, this means moving yourself and external objects in the most efficient, effective, and safe manner possible.”

We really focus on technique in our trial month with reviewing the 9 foundational movements prescribed by CrossFit. We want our athletes to work on the technique of the movements so that they can excel through to consistency and then add weight for intensity. Sometimes though this doesn’t always continue to happen.

When you are new CF athlete you are excited about all the stuff you are learning. You are trying to take all the information in that you can! At this point the coach is telling you not to worry about the weight and focus on the technique. But, then you look over at Jane and Bob and they are throwing some impressive weight around and making it look easy on top of that. So you decided, well if they can do that then I can at least add some tens or whatever feels a little heavier.
So here’s the problem with this…you are comparing yourself to someone else and that’s never a good way to start a workout. Adding more weight before you’re ready could mean injuries that you could avoid. Jane and Bob may have been CrossFitting for a couple of years which means they have been putting a lot of work in. Don’t forget that point in your trial month, technique is super important!! If you have a strong foundation and good technique it will lead to results and more weight. This may mean that you won’t progress as fast as you want but that’s ok! We want you to continue to progress without injuries. So one day a couple years down the road, the newbie will be looking up to you and the weight you are moving. Then you can tell them to stay light in the beginning because that’s how you made it this far!


-Coach Nora

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