Introducing Joe Wirsing!

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Introducing Joe Wirsing

This is my first blog for Max Kane. I figured I’d use this as an introduction. I’ve met a fair amount of our members but there are still a good amount of our family I’ve yet to meet. My name is Joe Wirsing and I’m a newer addition to CrossFit. I’ve spent 6 years in the Army, 4 of which were with the 1st Ranger Battalion in Savannah, Georgia.


While I was with the Rangers we had a fitness program called Operator Fitness. A lot of workouts were very similar to CrossFit, but they were tailored to our mission set. Even though we were doing CrossFit type exercises we made fun of CrossFit without knowing anything about the lifestyle. It wasn’t until I joined the National Guard and got my level one certification that I truly learned to respect what CrossFit is all about. In the Army we had soldiers that could destroy a 5 mile run. We also had soldiers that could deadlift 3-400 pounds but we never had anyone that could successfully do both. With diligent training CrossFit allows you to achieve both. I look forward to increasing my knowledge to share across the Max Kane family. My mission is to commit my time and dedication to help each of you achieve your personal goal.


-Coach Joe


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