Consistency is King

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Consistency is King

As I sat around brainstorming as to what topic to write about this week in our Wednesday Word, the first thing that came to mind in regards to anything health or fitness related is consistency. In Order to elicit change you have to be consistent in your endeavors. The human body does not like change and will find ways to avoid it at all costs.. So your diet is spot on Monday thru Friday but your weekends include a few drinks with the occasional pizza and ice cream, well there goes your weekly fat loss out the window. You came to the gym every day last week but missed this week? Well there goes your muscle gains out the window.

Healthy habits are simple but not always easy, and most people miss this one piece to the equation; consistency. So no matter if you lift weights, run, or do Crossfit, eat Paleo, follow the Zone Diet, or Keto, pick something and stay with it, each and everyday. The changes will be well worth the effort! Make a Change and Stick with it! Let’s do this! See you in the gym!


-Coach Johnny

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