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CARBS!! So everyone loves carbs. Obviously they taste really good and you can make a smaller meal a lot more filling by adding carbs to the equation. For example, ramen noodles. If you’ve ever had them before, you know that one little cup is pretty filling and leaves you bloated. Those noodles and the HUGE amounts of sodium they add is what causes that.
People are always so confused about what actually makes you gain weight. Honestly, it’s largely due to the amount of carbs you intake daily. Here’s the breakdown:
-You eat carbs.
-Carbs turn into sugar and cause an insulin spike.
-Insulin levels drop significantly after about 30 minutes to an hour.
-THEN cortisol is released in the body, which is a stress hormone.
-This inhibits protein synthesis (building muscle) and causes fat accumulation in the body.
In my next blog, I’ll go more in depth about good carbs and bad carbs. Also we will discuss other significant damages that cortisol can cause. Until then, WATCH YOUR CARB INTAKE!
Always remember, nutrition is key to losing weight. You can’t just workout everyday and eat garbage.
Stay healthy!!!!
-Coach Seth

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