What is a #fitgirl?

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What is a #fitgirl?

We are girls and women that have decided to put our health first.  Prevention is better than intervention.


We lift weights.  We love the way it makes us feel.  We feel empowered and strong.  We care more about the weight on the bar then we do the one on the scale.  (I forget I even have a scale in my bathroom).  We start to actually believe and say that we look good naked. Isn’t that the goal? It’s a process BUT it does happen.


We care what we eat.  But not in the way conventional nutritional knowledge leads us to believe.  We DON’T count calories because not all calories are created equal.  We love bacon, steak, eggs, and so much more.  We eat our veggies and good carbs. We avoid sugar, dairy, grains, and processed foods.  Not to say we don’t have a good cheat day.  Who doesn’t love ice cream? 😉


We start to surround ourselves with others that have the same goals as us and build a tribe worth having.  We want friends that will fuel our fire and not try to douse our flames.  #friendgoals #findyourtribe


We get it.  Not everyone is a #fitgirl but we are going to talk about our workouts and what we ate that day.  It’s a big part of life.  Deal with it.


Yes we do have muscles.  Who said muscles were just for men?  And we look damn sexy with muscles.  Oh also our hands are rough from the gym.  We are proud of both our muscles and hands because it shows all the hard work we’ve put in. #hardworkpaysoff


We love a good challenge!  So we challenge ourselves daily.  Before we know it, we can handle any challenge we encounter because we know we are capable of the task.  It is an amazing way to learn and grow as a person.


If I missed something let me know.  I would love to hear what makes you a #fitgirl!  If you don’t categorize yourself as a #fitgirl but you want to and want to get started, hit me up on Facebook or email me at [email protected].


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